Types of Roof Shingles

Roof shingles are basically a roofing covering made up of individual thin-set, circular shaped elements laid in overlapping patterns from the roof’s top edge down. These elements are usually square, rectangles shaped pieces laid in small courses atop the roofing plates. Most often they are laid on an angle to allow for better drainage, but there are other options that may be required. It is best to contact a roofing specialist that will help to determine what option is best for you. This roofing option may involve a variety of different things, depending on your location and the condition of your roof.

One roof shingle type that is quite popular is asphalt shingles which are also known as fiberglass shingles due to their light weight. These are the most popular of all shingle options because they are both highly durable and affordable. These asphalt shingles come in various colors to choose from, making them a great choice to go with any type of home or architectural style. Because these shingles tend to be quite durable, they can also be used as a protective layer to help prevent further damage from weather.

Another type of roof shingles is the tile variety which are available in a wide array of colors and styles. The great thing about tile roofs is that they are highly flexible and versatile, which makes them easy to install and easy to replace should the need arise. These roof tiles are often used in high traffic areas where damage is more likely to occur, such as in public areas, commercial buildings, and the like. Tile roofs are also great at acting as insulation for areas near the roof, which is important for those living in colder climates. Asphalt shingles may be less flexible, but they provide the best overall roof covering.

Wood shingles offer the best look for many homes and if you’re looking for a more natural look to your home then slate shingles may be your best option. Made out of a mixture of clay, limestone and various types of wood, slate shingles provide a strong waterproofing layer while also looking like a piece of natural stone. If you prefer a heavier application then go with asphalt shingles, which are available in a variety of different types and colors. You can even buy prefabricated panels and assemble them yourself saving you even more money.